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On this page you will find the links to all the:
  • information you need to get started
  • resources you may need as the year progresses

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A Message From the Elders

Vertical Life Church,
On this webpage you will find the information for our congregation’s plan for reading through the Bible this year.
As Elders of Vertical life, our desire is that everyone develops a regular prayer and Bible reading time. We are offering this Bible reading plan to encourage this practice.
Our Hope is that you join with us in the daily reading of God’s Word and that you choose a time before or after reading to begin, or continue, a regular time of prayer.
Our intention is that we encourage each other in this pursuit.
► Your Missional Community leader may ask you how you’re doing.
► You are encouraged to ask each other about and share with each other what you’ve learned.
► If you’re struggling or have never done anything like this before and need encouragement, ask others what they’re doing or ask your Missional Community leader for help.
As you consider this, please see it as a framework for progress and not as a to do list or as a measure of your spiritual success or failure. 
One additional item that we encourage, is to get yourself some kind of notebook to jot down things you learned, questions you have, or items the Holy Spirit reveals to you as you read each day.  You can use this to keep track of prayer requests as well.  Remember, it is your notebook.  Use it how you find most helpful.
We look forward to hearing about your growth as you approach making God a regular part of your day.
VLC Elders

General How To

Features of the plan
1.) The calendar is broken down into two sections for the day with 2 readings in each section.
► Family reading that can be done with your family or any small group.
► Personal reading that is intended to be done alone.
2.) Throughout the year, following this plan, you will read through the entire Bible.  It covers:
► The Old Testament one time
► The New Testament two times (Once in Family and Once in Personal)
► The book of Psalms two times  (Once in Family and Once in Personal)
1.) The center column contains the day of the month.  It should be your goal to read all 4 readings indicated in the row for that day.  If you will not be in a small group or have a family time regularly or on a particular day, those readings should be added to your Personal reading time.
2.) Use the center checkboxes to indicate readings you have completed.
3.) If you miss a day:
► don’t check off what you didn’t do.
► pick up on today’s date and keep reading.
► as you have extra time, go back and read some of what you missed, but don’t stress about it.

Printable Calendar Pages

Click on the month below to access the reading plan calendar page you desire.
Entire Year

Phone Instructions

If you like to use your cell phone for your Bible Reading, this plan is available through an app on your phone:
Important Note for phone users:  While the App doesn’t say this, the first 2 Bible books listed each day are Family and the next 2 are Personal.

If you already have the YouVersion Bible App on your phone, skip down to Step 2.
1.)  Look for the YouVersion Bible App for your phone, download it and install it.
If you're using your phone to view this page, touch the QR code below for your phone type.

If you're using a computer to view this page, scan the QR code below with the photo app on your phone and follow the link provided. (Don't take a picture of it, just hold the camera over the qr code)
2.)  Find the m’cheyne one year reading plan in the Bible app and SAVE FOR LATER.  Do not start the plan until January 1st or when you're ready to start the plan.
Two Ways:
In the Bible app.
1.) Select Plans at the bottom of the page
2.) Select Find Plans at the top of the page
3.) Click on the magnifying glass at the top of the page
4.) Type:  m’cheyne one year reading plan  into the search line
5.) Select the first option with that title.
Through a link/QR code
If you are using your phone touch the QR code.
If you are using a computer scan the QR code.
When prompted, open it in the Bible app
In either case, when the plan comes up, click SAVE FOR LATER 
until it is January 1st or you are ready to start the plan.